祖父の代より3代目          機械式時計の修理や、アンティーク時計なども販売しております

祖父の代より3代目          機械式時計の修理や、アンティーク時計なども販売しております


Accordingly, the man had disappeared since Wednesday noon

Accordingly, the man had disappeared since Wednesday noon

This makes it easier for the mosquito to suckle blood. At the same time, the proteins contained in mosquito saliva also activate defense reactions that trigger itching and inflammation in the puncture cell. Other insects – such as wasps or bees – react with poison to suspected human attacks. Here, too, the defense reaction shows up with swelling and reddening of the affected skin area.

Does cooling help with sunburn and bites?

Cooling the itchy skin can slow down certain inflammatory processes and influence the transmission of the itch via the nerve tracts. However, the Berlin allergologist Marcus Maurer suspects that cooling helps especially during use. There is no evidence of the effect of other home remedies such as raw onions or aloe vera.

Why do heat wands work against pain?

In local hyperthermia with so-called sting healers, a pencil is used to apply concentrated heat of 50 to 53 degrees to the sting point for a few seconds. Studies have confirmed that it reduced or eliminated the local symptoms of mosquito bites. But why this is so has not been clarified, according to allergologists. One thesis is that the nerves in the skin react sensitively to overheating, switch off the transmission of stimuli and thus the itch signal is no longer transmitted to the brain.

Sunburn or stings in the sea?

A combined therapy with salt water and UV radiation can under certain circumstances relieve skin complaints, such as psoriasis, according to the results of studies. Acute wounds can also be cleaned with a saline solution – if it is sterile and physiological at 0.9 percent, i.e. corresponds to the salinity of human blood. With an average salt content of 3.5 percent, seawater is too concentrated for the human body. This can dry out damaged skin and even delay healing. In addition, seawater contains germs and existing wounds can become infected.

The Taunus city of Neu-Anspach will name the square in front of their community center after the murdered Kassel district president Walter Lübcke. There is no exact date yet, said Mayor Thomas Pauli (SPD) on Wednesday. The city councilors of the municipality in the Hochtaunuskreis had unanimously voted for this designation of the square at their meeting last week. This should help ensure that “” his work and his services to our country are not forgotten even in Neu-Anspach, “” says the resolution.

In Rosbach in the neighboring Wetterau district there is also a Dr.-Walter-Lübcke-Platz in front of the town hall, which is to be inaugurated on October 24th. “” The street sign is already hanging, at the inauguration there will be a stele with information about Walter Lübcke, “” said a city spokesman.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa / tmn) – window cleaning at low temperatures is difficult. If it is very cold outside, for example below minus ten degrees, then diluted cleaning solution can freeze on the outside of the window.

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“” But if the windows need to be cleaned in severe frost, then it is advisable to use glass cleaners that contain alcohol, “” explains Bernd Glassl from the Association of Toiletries and Detergents (IKW). “” The mixture freezes less quickly than diluted cleaning solution. “”

There is another reason that speaks against window cleaning, of all things, on the coldest days of the year: “” Personally, I would not do it in frost, because then the room cools down too much, which would have to be compensated for by using energy, “” says Glassl.good argumentative essay topics about sports

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – The cloudy season has left its mark on the outside of many windows. Now pollen dust is added again. In some tenancies this is the trigger for disputes about who has to clean the windows of the apartment or house when and how.

Construction financing: “” A loan was cheaper for us than renting “” With a current loan: This is how homeowners save 62,000 euros Digital advice: How to get construction financing via video chat Credit for real estate: Loan for real estate – How to find follow-up financing Clear legal situation: What happens to tenants when the apartment is sold?

One thing is clear: the tenant is obliged to ensure the proper condition of the rental property through careful and careful handling, explains the House Owners Association Reason Germany. The cleaning of the rented apartment is also part of this lease contract-based duty of care and care.

However, the frequency and thoroughness are up to the tenant’s personal cleaning needs. Contractual clauses in the form, which for example provide for window cleaning by the tenant at least every six months, are ineffective.

However, tenants cannot simply make their landlord responsible for cleaning windows – even if they cannot open the windows. One tenant wanted to oblige his landlord in court to clean the non-opening glass segments of his rented loft at least once a quarter.

However, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) made it clear: The cleaning of the window glass and the window frames is the responsibility of the tenant (Az .: VIII ZR 188/16). In this context, it is irrelevant whether the tenant can do the cleaning himself or whether it has to be done by a specialist company.

Especially at dusk, they stalk their victims and then stab them mercilessly: mosquitoes are the plague of summer. To keep them away, many people do not shy away from any means: glowing spirals, corrosive evaporators and dozens of candles with a lemon scent are set up, bodies are rubbed with sprays and cloves of garlic are consumed. It is a simple trick that effectively keeps mosquitoes away.

Showering helps against mosquito bites

That mosquitoes like “” sweet blood “” is a myth. Just like the idea that women are stung more often than men. In truth, neither the taste of the blood nor the sex of the victim play a role for the bloodsuckers. It’s the smell that attracts them. Therefore, the less body odor we give off, the less interesting we are for bloodsuckers. Regular showering, especially before going to bed, is a good way to keep mosquitos away. You should also change clothes more frequently in summer.

Smelly socks attract mosquitoes

Old, worn socks are particularly attractive to mosquitoes. Because the bacteria on our feet produce odorous substances that bloodsuckers find very appealing. Tests have shown several times that mosquitoes prefer to settle down on smelly socks than on freshly washed socks. In the experiment at the Ifakara Health Center in Tanzania, they even preferred the old socks to the human body. Since the mosquitoes cannot distinguish whether the smell is emanating from a person or an object, they fly towards the object with a stronger smell. So a smelly, sweaty sock can be a good distraction. Just put it in the corner of the room and try it out.

Lemon wedges keep bloodsuckers away

By the way, you can leave the light on when you place the smelly sock – even if the windows are open. Because mosquitoes fly into the light is a myth. In fact, they are almost exclusively based on smell.

While they find notes of sweat appetizing, the scent of lemon meets with strong aversion. Lemon slices with cloves are therefore a good home remedy to keep pests at bay. Smoke coils, scented candles and mosquito plugs also help to a certain extent. Because they are considered harmful to health, you should prefer to use your own organic creation. For the same reason, you should also avoid electrically operated vaporizers with insecticides. They can irritate the airways. Then you’d better take out the lavender sachet. This should also drive away the bloodsuckers and also smells pleasant.

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Better cover rain barrels

To prevent the mosquitoes from spreading in the garden at home, you should cover water points such as rain barrels and empty them regularly. Watering cans should also always be completely empty. Because these are the ideal breeding grounds for the bloodsuckers. If all of that is not enough, it helps to retreat into the house – behind mosquito screens. This is still the most effective way to keep the mosquitos away.

Global tourism is paralyzed by Corona. This also affects the British and even the Royals. Because their sights must remain closed, which means a million dollar loss.

Once along the rainbow with the Queen
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Buckingham Palace is one of the most important sights for every London vacationer. From July to October this should even be partially open to tourists. However, due to the global corona crisis, the palace of Queen Elizabeth II and other royal buildings remain closed to the public. This week it became known that a good 380 temporary jobs had to be cut by the Royals as a result. The lack of sightseeing costs the crown enormous sums of money, as the British newspaper “” The Sun “” reports exclusively.

Almost £ 18 million loss

Lord Chamberlain, senior official of the British court, informed his employees in a circular email that the closure of attractions such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle would cost the royals around 17.8 million British pounds (almost 20 million euros).

The royal calendar will probably be affected by the dimensions of the corona pandemic until 2022, it is said. A source told “” The Sun “” “” We can’t make plans because we don’t know what’s going to happen. The virus is having a catastrophic effect. “”

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In 2019, the royals were able to earn a good 70 million pounds (about 78.3 million euros) with ticket sales and souvenirs. Buckingham Palace alone brings in £ 12 million a year, and Windsor Castle even £ 25 million a year.

Sources used: The Sun: “” Queen hit by £ 18m hole in finances after shutting palaces to tourists because of virus lockdown “”

After finding a corpse in the toilet of a fast food chain in Neu-Anspach (Hochtaunuskreis), the police assume a natural death. As a spokesman said on Tuesday, the 48-year-old man’s body should not be autopsied. The “” Bild “” newspaper had previously reported. The body was found on the toilet of the fast food restaurant on Thursday last week.

Seven high school graduates from the Hochtaunuskreis have to interrupt their exams because of a suspected Covid-19 case and have to be isolated at home. A schoolgirl who had contact with a person who has now tested positive showed typical symptoms of the lung disease and informed the school from home on Tuesday evening, as the Hochtaunuskreis district committee announced on Wednesday.

Accordingly, the school management of the Adolf-Reichwein-Schule in Neu-Anspach followed the requirements of the Ministry of Culture and ensured large gaps between the high school graduates. A total of seven test subjects in a small group – including the sick student – and four teachers would have to be quarantined at home. All other high school graduates from the Adolf Reichwein School could continue their exams as planned. The seven isolated pupils are supposed to write up their exams after Easter. An exact date has not yet been set.

The tests in Hessen run under more stringent hygiene conditions. Schools are instructed to keep exam groups small and the distances between examinees large.

The investigating authorities are concerned with a corpse in a restaurant toilet. According to the police headquarters in West Hesse on Saturday, the dead person was found on Thursday morning in the toilet of a fast-food restaurant in Neu-Anspach (Hochtaunuskreis). The man was 48 years old. The cause of death is unknown, said a spokesman. There was also initially no information on how long the body lay there. “” Bild “” had previously reported on the case. Accordingly, the man had disappeared since Wednesday noon.

With the first days of spring, the sun also brings the dirt in the apartment to light: the spring cleaning is due. But when it comes to choosing the right cleaning agent, many people go wrong. We name five golden rules that are important when cleaning your house.

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Three cleaners are enough

If you stand in front of the cleaning agent shelf in the supermarket, you are spoiled for choice. Most cleaning agents and their ingredients are superfluous. Most of them contain lots of fragrances and up to 50 percent water. Fragrances are not necessary at all in cleaning products. What is clean does not have to smell nice. On the contrary: they harm the environment and can trigger allergies. Actually, you only need two ingredients: acid against lime and surfactants against dirt. Professional cleaners get by with a total of three bottles: an all-purpose cleaner against dirt, an acid cleaner against limescale and an abrasive against stubborn dirt.

By the way, an all-purpose cleaner can easily be made yourself with substances from the drugstore. Simply mix one liter of water with one tablespoon each of washing soda, citric acid and alcohol.

Organic cleaning products are not necessarily better

Organic cleaning products are not always a better choice. The term “” organic “” is not protected for cleaning agents. Natural ingredients such as palm oil are not necessarily better either. Rainforest is also cut down for the production of palm oil. Orange oil in the cleaning agent, on the other hand, can trigger allergies and is not broken down in the sewage treatment plant.

Disinfectants are superfluous

Disinfectants don’t belong in the household either. They are superfluous and can also promote and trigger allergies. It can also be thoroughly cleaned with normal cleaning agents.

Don’t forget your gloves

If the right cleaning agent is in the house, you should observe one important rule: Do not clean without gloves! Notes with the warning “caustic” “on bottles are often ignored and many believe that they are less dexterous with gloves.

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